Practicum Opportunities


Our teaching and learning activities are diversified, ranging from interactive lectures, e-learning and flipped classroom, group projects and discussions, as well as personal reflections. The range of learning modes reflects our determination to keep our pedagogical approaches up-to-date, evidence-based, and learner-centred. Our undergraduate curriculum encompasses training of students’ conceptual knowledge, procedural skills, and attitudinal growth. The senior-year students will have a choice between completing a research thesis, conducing an application-oriented capstone project, or attending practicums inside or outside of campus. Below is a list of external organisations that offer practicum opportunities for our students:

我們的教學多樣化,包括互動性課堂、網上學習和翻轉課堂、小組專題研習、以及個人反思。我們與時日並進、循證為本及以學生為中心的教學模式,旨在培育本科生的專科理念與知識、程序技巧和學習態度。高年級的同學可選擇撰寫研究論文、以小組形式進行實踐性專題項目,或到不同的機構參與 實習。以下是部分提供校外實習的機構: