Department Partners (Full Term)


Each year, the Department nominates two undergraduate students to The Department of Psychology, University of Southern California, USA, and one to The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University, The Netherlands as exchange students for either one academic term or one academic year. Full-time registered Psychology undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of university study prior to participation in the exchange and with good academic standing are eligible to apply.


University, College, & Faculty Partners (Full Term)


CUHK offers over 230 student exchange programmes. There are different types of student exchange programmes (including university-wide, college, faculty and department). University-wide student exchange programmes are administered by the Office of Academic Links and are available to all CUHK students. Students may also participate in student exchange programmes offered through their Colleges, Faculties and Departments.


Tri-Department Short Term Exchange (CUHK, PKU, NTU)

Since AY1999-2000, the Student Visitors Exchange Programme has been organized annually by our Department and the Departments of Psychology at Peking University and National Taiwan University. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, together with faculty members, from these three universities meet to exchange ideas and experiences about psychological research and education.

此活動由一九九九年度開始舉辦, 由香港中文大學、北京大學和國立台灣大學心理學系聯合舉辦。活動為來自三地的心理學系學生提供非正式的教學機會,並增進中大心理學系與中國內地及台灣心理學系師生的互相溝通及交流。

University Partners (Summer)

Summer-to-summer exchange programmes are offered with various overseas institutions that allow undergraduate students to take credit-bearing courses during the summer holiday. Students can choose courses from a variety of disciplines, including arts, business, engineering, law, science and social sciences, as well as getting the opportunity to explore the host country and its culture.


Short-term Study Abroad


A number of other short-term study-abroad (fee-paying) options are offered by non-CUHK units.