Trackstyle 軌跡


Karen POON, Joelle LI, Danny WONG

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Psychology in Action I & II (PSYC4900 & PSYC4909) provide a platform for students to apply their psychology knowledge to solve social problems. Under the framework of design thinking, students create and implement their own projects in groups with the principle to make an impact on people's lives and the society-at-large.

Quotes from Karen Poon:

"I was in an exploration stage when I was studying the course. I got different ideas in mind at that time and Psychology in Action enabled me to have other classmates to work together with me on the ideas. Psychology in Action also encouraged us to have interviews with different parties to collect their opinions, including professors and some potential users. This provoked my thinking to keep on revising the idea and explore different other possibilities."

​After graduation, Karen has set up the company "Just A Moment 等一等":

Just A Moment 等一等

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Just A Moment aims to transform the traditional mental health services with innovative ideas and technology. We are developing our online mental healthcare platform and are managing our social media page on Facebook and Instagram (@justamomenthk). We develop a comprehensive online service platform which provides evidence-based materials and services. We will also incorporate AI technology to optimize service delivery and experience in the future. Just A Moment is determined to assist those with mild to moderate mental needs to acquire prompt, professional, optimal and affordable online mental health services. We are now implementing Just A Moment Online Mental Consultation Trial Scheme, which helps the needy easier to find professional mental health services at a more affordable price.

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等一等致力結合創新思維和科技,革新傳統的心理服務。我們目前正在研發以「專業、全面、以客為本」為方向的網上心理服務平台,並在營運社交媒體專頁(@justamomenthk),日後計劃揉合人工智能 (AI) 以進一步優化平台。我們希望幫助輕度至中度的情緒或心理困擾人士在網上也能獲得及時、專業、適切且價格相宜的心理治療和相關資訊,免卻人們尋找心理服務時的迷惘和負面標籤。我們正在實行「Just A Moment 線上心理諮詢先導計劃」,幫助有需要人士更方便地找到專業可靠的心理服務。